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Willow tree Leather bags in Cape Town

Willow Tree was founded in 2014 and prides itself in being designed and masterfully crafted in Cape Town.  We are passionate about keeping things local and embrace the concept of Slow Fashion.  Encouraging you to buy better quality while celebrating the skills of the craftspeople who make them.   Helping to grow and nurture our local industry.


Willow Tree creates stylish, yet functional accessories made from genuine leather that with care, will last throughout the years.   Clean lines, warm hues and natural textures are some of Willow Tree’s distinctive features. Willow Tree products are designed for passionate individuals who are mindful and understand that less is more.


Genuine leather is sourced locally and each skin is handpicked.  Leather is like a landscape with varying textures and patterns. Thus, each piece will be unique in shade with its own natural markings.


Leather Care:

Remove light marks immediately with a damp sponge.

For best results use a leather cleaner as directed.

Treat with a leather conditioner.

Avoid wearing with jeans/clothing that are not colour fast as dye stuff may transfer on to your bag.

Do not leave in the sun as colour can fade.

Remember light shades of leather will show the dirt and thus need extra care and cleaning.



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